Passive protesting through Ukranian peanuts

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Last July I visited Odessa, Ukraine to speak at OdessaJS. As I’m wont to do, I like to buy local snacks and candies from the places I’ve visited because I feel like they make for more fun souvenirs and gifts than most things.

I was recently reminded I’d purchased these peanut snacks in Ukraine:

Kozatska Slava - Ukranian Peanuts

In an effort to practice reading Cyrllic I tried doing a Google search for the product — Kozatska Slava. I was pleased with myself when I Found results and a little intrigued when I stumbled across this blog post providing a little history and backstory for these peanuts:


The company changed their name and mascot to something with national significance as a response to its recent conflicts with Russia and to counteract the increasing westernization of items found on shelves in the grocery stores — particularly snacks, which are kind of a western thing.

To quote the article:

It ensures Kozatska Slava’s peanuts stand out as the Ukrainian choice on shelves filled with international options.

I’m note sure what the rest of the text says on the packaging, but judging from the look on the Cossack’s face suggests something along the lines of “We’ll grind the greedy capitalist Mr. Peanut’s bones to butter and choke him on his own monocle.”

In the power rankings for ass-kicking snack mascots, I Kozatska Slava has a solid lead in first right now.