About George

George Mandis lives and works in Portland, Oregon, though he continually reminds himself that neither of those activities are particularly bound by geography. In 2013 he put this theory to a test, traveling and working remotely from 18+ countries all over the world. Read about it in this profile from 52ltd.

Many of those experiences have been used as jumping-off points for writing on this site. You can watch him give a presentation entitled A Year Like Any Other (Just Somewhere Else). at OMSI about this as part of Ignite Portland 13.

He works as a web developer and consultant for SnapTortoise and AppTortoise. It's a one-man shop dedicated to helping people turn their beautiful ideas into beautiful actualities via the internet.

In his spare time George likes creating things, solving and making — intentionally or otherwise — abstract problems, playing guitar like a banshee, consuming most things basketball, making guitar picks, coffee, pedal-powered transportation and generally finding ways to be an agreeable skeptic.

Thanks for reading.

George Mandis