George Mandis teaching an Arduino class with cute little smiley-face finger puppets covering RGB LEDs

About George

George Mandis has been an engineering manager, a full-stack software engineer, consultant, creative technologist, conference speaker and handful of other things over the course of his 17+ year career. He has been having fun with computers since he was about twelve and doing so professionally since 2006, when he started his own consultancy out of Portland, Oregon. Currently he is an engineering manager for Axios HQ.

George has spoken and led workshops at 25+ conferences all over the world, from Microsoft Build to neighborhood meetups, from Nepal to New York, presenting mostly on topics of JavaScript and what he likes to call "joyful programming." His other educational and advocacy efforts include running an introductory web development bootcamp through a local community college in Portland since 2015 intended to serve traditionally under-represented people in the tech industry, one-on-one mentoring and teaching creative programming and electronics classes to children and adults.

In 2020 he spent the first few months of the year attending a self-directed educational retreat in New York City at the Recurse Center. It was one of the best decisions he's made in a long time.

He is a seasoned travel enthusiast who's run marathons in North Korea and Svalbard and feels moderately proud of his functionally awful Serbo-Croatian.

Beyond this site you can find some of his work on CSS Tricks, GitHub and YouTube.

Interested and open to remote and international work opportunities, preferrably contract but always open to discussion. Please read more about hiring me