George Mandis at Microsoft Build

Let's Work Together

Full-stack engineer, consultant and manager available (maybe) for your projects

Over 17 years of experience as a full stack software engineer, consultant and engineering manager, with projects big and small. I have verifiable track record of leaving projects, places, teams and code better than I found them. Heck, I even won a Webby—though I have to laugh a little at the sheer number of people (dozens) omitted from that list.

At the moment I'm happily employed but would consider taking on side projects if they're a good fit and I we can find the availability. Looking ahead 2-3 months in advance would be best.

I've worked remotely since 2006 and prefer to stay that way. Currently I'm working in Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5). I would entertain some travel in or outside the US for the right project.

Would love to hear about projects where I can work on fun & interesting problems, partake in something that strives to actively help the world, teach people, work closely with and/or mentor software engineers, pair with talented and empathetic people or simply build something fun & playful.

Some examples of startup and project that categories would appeal to my skills and interests:

  • Social impact and/or mission-driven companies, in particular:
    • Climate change
    • Recidivism
    • Addiction
    • Wealth disparity
  • EdTech startups focused on teaching and learning platforms
  • Startups in the healthcare or wellness industry
  • IoT and smart devices startups
  • Real-time communication and collaboration tools
  • Total goofball, joyful endeavors

Have something you think I would be interested in? Feel free to email me:

Find me on LinkedIn orGitHub.