JavaScript for Artists

List of articles, books, libraries and other information for people interested in making art with JavaScript

Debugging Art

A place where I post fun web experiments and sketches

A mailing list sharing resources for digital nomads and other remotes workers. Part of a larger project I'm working on at

Remote Working List

A list of job boards and website remote-working freelancers can use to find work. The project currently contains 50+ resources. I've a written a guide on [how to effectively use this list for remote working](

MIDI, JavaScript & Tiny Computer Projects @

An ongoing list of resources for working with MIDI and JavaScript, as a supplement to my speaking on the topic.

🔥 Practice Tool for Ignite Presentations

Source-code for the simple tool I made to help practice pacing for my talk at Ignite Portland 13.

📌 jekyll-pinboard gem

A Ruby-gem for integrating your Pinboard bookmarks with your Jekyll blog.

👾 Kiku

An adaptation of the card game Hanabi inspired by SETI and submitted as an entry for 10k Apart.

Mount Hood Community College Code Academy

I worked with Mount Hood Community College to run a pilot program that focused on teaching unemployed and underemployed people coding skills. The hope was to help people considering a career change and to get under-represented communities more involved in the industry.

Penny Thoughts

I paid literal pennies online to ask people what was on their mind many years ago. You can peruse and search through the collection here.

Inky Shadows

My guitar + bass duo playing make-believe jazz with tinges of acoustic noir. Whatever that means :)

Roma Guitar Picks

I make (And use!) my own guitar picks and sell them online. They're particularly well-suited for gypsy-jazz and bluegrass styles, but anyone who enjoys aggressive picking on acoustic instruments will likely appreciate them.

Jekyll RSS Feeds

A popular GitHub repository I started that quickly and easily adds an RSS feed to your Jekyll blog. Looking at the commit history of the main Jekyll repo I think this actually got integrated there at some point. Jekyll now handles RSS feeds out of the box in the exact same way my repo does, but I wasn't involved in that.

Konami JS

Another popular GitHub repository I created for adding a silly easter-egg to your website based on the Konami Code.

Ads-on-Bikes and Pedal Driven

Bicycle-centric projects and ideas. I also recently started making contributons to the code that runs the SHIFT to bike event calendar.