Ass-Kicking Snack Mascots

An ongoing quest to scour the world for the most intimidating and likely to kick-your-ass mascots adorning snack foods. Please send your submissons for this arbitrarily-ranked list to:

1Kozatska SlavaKozatska SlavaMace-wielding Cossack for Ukranian peanut snacks. Seems wholly uninterested in nuts and more interested in whacking anybody that looks at him sideways. — more info
2Tony the TigerTony the TigerTigers are scary animals but loses points for the ascot, smiling too much and overwhelming positivity (Grrrrrreat!). — more info
3Bento SquidBento SquidSquids have no muscles, making this an uphill battle already. This one has a fun, polka-dot headband and unintimidating look of surprise on its face. Not afraid of this one at all. — more info