Where to donate for recent disasters 2017

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It's easy to be consumed by the slew of disasters hitting the U.S. right now, whether they're natural — such as the tragic situation in Texas — or manmade, abhorrent and cruel — like Trump's cancellation of the DACA program.

On a more local level, there's a tremendous fire burning in Gorge not far from where I live in Portland, Oregon. Last I heard over 5,000 acres have burned. I suspect the next time I ride my bicycle out along the Historic Columbia River Highway it will look wildly different. It's tragic on many levels, but especially frightening for the people that live in the area and have to evacuate.

Here are two articles with good lists of places you can donate and try to help out victims of three diassts

As for the DACA dissolution, I'm not sure there's a direct monetary path to aiding people at the moment as it's all unfolded this morning, but the advice in this article about contacting your congressman and the White House are sound and probably the most effective thing to do for now: