Things I enjoyed LAST week (July 13th-ish)

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I forgot to do my weekend installment of things I enjoy this past weekend. Whoops!

1. Dog walking. My friend asked me to walk his dog for a few days. Every time I do this I start daydreaming about moving somewhere and getting a dog but ultimately decided that maybe walking other people's pets is enough for now.

2. Basketball + Health. I've started playing pickup basketball again with my old hoopin' buddies. The weather's been too perfect not to and it's been tremendous fun, perhaps particularly because nobody's been injured. I stopped playing years ago after sustaining a rash of weird, horrible injuries from basketball: achilles tendinosis, knee pains, cartilage tears, a knocked-out tooth (Plus $800 root canal!) and a torn big toenail that I had to go to the doctor to extract, enhanced interrogation style. I feel healthy, fit and not-broken (too much) for the first time in ages.

3. My friend was (is?) in a music video with Danny Trejo: Probably the last thing I expected to see that morning.

4. Started making some more concrete plans for my future. I'm coming up with a framework that will help me do this, which is something I've always struggled with for varying reasons.

5. General activity: Running long distances, biking out to new places, lunch with old friends, walks with old friends, playing music and, of course, yoga.

It was a good week.