Things I enjoyed this week (June 1st)

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A simple list for a simple week:

  • My lengthy runs, planned or otherwise.
  • I neglected to write about it, but I was up in Vancouver again on Friday for their regular, first-Friday-of-the-month Art Walk event. It was part of one of my Pedal Driven/Ads-on-Bikes  project I've had for years. We have enough material and trial runs now to start writing up some definitive conclusions and reports. Hopefully soon.
  • Regular Sunday music practice happened again today with Inky Shadows. We're discussing recordings and the prospect of putting out a vanity record on vinyl. It would not be an inexpensive venture but...  VINYL! Somewhat related, I had an interesting moment where I realized I could recall a church song form many years ago, almost note-for-note and word-for-word. It's interesting because church was not a huge part of my life, yet something I did regular with my dad and brother when we were young. We never really talked much about it outside of attending, so it was kind of like going once a week or so to observe someone else's rituals and traditions and have an hour to ponder things and sing songs... All very peculiar, but in retrospect I think it
    might've been the ideal way to experience that. Huh.
  • Receiving unexpected emails from friends in far-flung places.
  • I bought a blender. I've been on a smoothie rampage. SUMMER IS HERE! Expect a smoothie recipe or nine to grace this blog soon.
  • Speaking of summery things, I'm continually grateful for the stretch of amazing weather we've had the past few weeks. This tends to be the time of year when I come into my own, and having the warmer season around earlier has been a helpful way to recover from a long year of travel and a difficult adjustment. It keeps me outside more often; it allows me to feel like a more complete human being... More of that please.