Making AI Fart

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I'll cut to the chase—because a man who took the time to make a computer fart clearly cares and respects, above all, other people's time.

I recently noticed a project called AudioGPT on HuggingFace:

It is a transformer capable of performing a variety of impressive audio tasks, including generation! You can make dog barks, guitar riffs, drum solos...

Using AudioGPT to make a computer fart

The guitar riff and drum solo were interesting, if a bit disjointed and uncanny. I can imagine this will only improve, like so much other AI work happening right now.

But I know why you came here. You want to hear a computer fart.

Well, there you have it.

It also immediately passed the Turing test by proceeding to deny the fart it had generated when I uploaded the file it had just given me and asked it to identify the sound:

AudioGPT denying its own fart and blaming it on some oinking pigs

It claims the sound file "contains some pigs oinking twice."


It's not the singularity... but it'll do.