Kickstarter to save Movie Madness

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I live practically across the street from Movie Madness. It’s been a staple of my growing up in Portland, Oregon. I remember renting most of the Monty Python movies, Cool as Ice, Pulp Fiction, Tetsuo Iron Man, Death to Smoochy and Singin’in the Rain there, among countless others.

At first I was sad to hear it’s closing, despite knowing full-well I hadn’t rented a movie there in years and the feeling was powered by pure nostalgia. But then I read closer and realized it’s not closing outright, but rather the owner’s retiring and looking to sell the collection so someone else can run it. The goal is to get the Hollywood Theatre — another excellent staple of the Portland cinema scene — to buy it and run it as a non-profit.

I think it’s a brilliant plan and probably the only way something like that stays in business. I kicked in a little money to their Kickstarter and hope you would consider doing so too.

If you’ve never been or just visiting Portland it’s worth a visit! Mike’s movie memorabilia collection is impressive. A dummy heady from Pulp Fiction, A knife from a Hitchcock film, set miniatures from Bladerunner and Austin Powers’ outfits on display, in an unsuspecting little storefront in a sleepy little neighborhood.