Talking About MIDI and IoT at FullStack 2017

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I'm excited to be speaking a FullStack 2017 this coming Friday! There are a lot of speakers scheduled to speak over the three-day event. I was fortunate enough to see and meet several of them already between HolyJS and OdessaJS:

Douglas Crockford wrote one of the seminal books on JavaScript — JavaScript: The Good Parts. He'll be giving the opening keynote at the conference. I'm not exactly sure what the topic is but I did enjoy his talk on DEC64 at HolyJS.

Martin Splitt, as far as I can tell, is on perpetual tour speaking at every conference I've ever heard of! He was an absolute delight at HolyJS and is a fantastic developer advocate. I'm hoping to catch his workshop on practical WebGL.

Gerard Sans is an Angular guru I most recently met at OdessaJS. He did a wonderful job of explaining heady concepts in digestable English and has a friendly way about him. Angular state management seems like a big subject to try and tackle in a 45-minute slot so I'm intrigued so see how it goes.

There is so much good IoT talk happening at this event! It interests me a lot right now and I look forward to hearing other experts weigh-in. I'm also intrigued by the other music-related talk by Tero Parviainen, even though the point of my talk is there are "non-musical" applications for MIDI. In genearl, any "creative" application of coding intrigues me, so his talk on generative music with JavaScript and Web Audio should be right up my alley.

My talk On Web MIDI (and more!) should be enjoyable to most anyone, I hope. The feedback so far has been that it's "fun" and nice to be reminded about something that's not strictly related to work and professional development. It's a chance to explore something more purely creative and think outside the box a little. It toucehs on that desire to create on a computer that got most of us into the industry in the first place, and it's that type of thinking that keeps things fresh, makes us use the rest of our brain and helps us continue to do good work.

I'm excited to unveil some new MIDI experiments and demos. That's the beauty of this talk — I can probably continue to give it for some time as long as I keep the experiments fresh and interesting.

The event is already sold out so if you're among the lucky group that already purchased a ticket, please come say hello!