MIDI, JavaScript and more at OdessaJS 2017

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I'll flattered and excited to be speaking at the beginning of next month in Odessa, Ukraine at the OdessaJS conference. I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces from my previous speaking engagement at HolyJS in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I'm also looking forward to having an opportunity to give not just one but two talks! In addition to my presentation on JavaScript, MIDI and Tiny Computers I'll be giving an 8-year retrospective on my open-source easter-egg project: Konami-JS.

The first talk concerning JavaScript and MIDI will be chocked-full of demos and code samples, but the latter is more of a high-level overview of what I've learned in overseeing a silly-but-popular open-source project — a project that's overlapped with most of my 11-year career as a freelance developer and consultant.

If you saw me at HolyJS please come say hello again! And if you didn't see me but were in attendance... come see one of my talks at OdessaJS! I'd love to meet you.

I'll be giving my presentation on JavaScrit and MIDI a number of times in the coming months. Please check out my speaking page for more information. If you're organizing a conference and are interested in having me come and present please get in touch.