By Any Other Name in the Balkans: My World Nomads Submission

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I submitted a piece for the World Nomads 2017 Scholarship. It turns out that a 2500 character limit is trickier to navigate than I thought. Trying to be succinct and effective is challenging.

In my daydreams I've always wanted to be some kind of travel writer. The travel part I've figure out, and the writing part comes in goes. But the idea of being externally rewarded for wandering and observing the world has too much allure. So I applied.

The other reason I applied is that the winner gets to spend time in the Balkans — a place I share some family history with and have a lot of affection for. It would be a lovely opportunity to study the region, dip my toes into proper travel writing and reconnect with my relatives in the region.

The final voting is on April 12th. I don't think social sharing has any impact on the final vote, but please feel free to share and read my story:

By Any Other Name in the Balkans