What is a Snap Tortoise?

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For ten years I've freelanced under a my web development and consulting business — SnapTortoise. The name was actually a recommendation from a friend of mine, because I thought I would attract bigger clients if I didn't operate under my name, and because a coworker of his had drawn a really cool picture of a snapping turtle, though in hindsight maybe not a great logo.

I won't claim it was the most thoughtful approach, but I'm sure names have been chosen for worse reasons. Probably. In my meager defense, I was young and figured I'd change it.

Ten years later I'm still using that name, though I still sometimes think about changing it. In that time I've learned a few important things you should consider before naming your business:

  • Don't underestimate people's ability to misspell a word like tortoise.

  • When choosing an animal, consider that aligning yourself with something that is slow and prone to biting people may not the best way to broadcast your services...

  • ...but truthfully, after perhaps the first conversation, the name will probably never come up again, so don't sweat it too much.

  • If your business name consists of a few real words strung together that have nothing to do with your field, you may find yourself on the receiving end of some fantastic email solicitations such as this one:

Turtle Tanks