Fighting Lies is Exhausting

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Alternative Facts.
Trump winning the popular vote..
Inaugural crowd records.
Iran attacking a Navy Vessel.
The dismal state of African-American communities.
Nobody cares about Trump's Tax Returns.
He never mocked a disabled reporter.
Millions of illegal voters.
Bowling Green Massacre.

I... I'm tired. I can't keep listing these. The list gets bigger every day. It feels overwhelming sometimes...

But then I remember — there are millions of us who know better. Millions of us, one him and a only a handful of opportunists who've hitched their vessels to his stern. History will not be kind to any of them in the years ahead, but they'll beg for that kindness in the face of how badly the will of the people and this resistance will crush them.

Fighting lies is exhausting, but it's more exhausting to keep spinning them. They will break.

Call, protest, support, resist.