An Inadvertent Participant in Sneaky Cards

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Yesterday we went to the coast, through Tillamook and stopped to use the restroom. Waiting outside I started perusing the bulletin-board, which is something I've always loved doing, particularly in smaller towns.

As I was looking I noticed something peculiar:

Sneaky Cards

It turns out I'd become an unwitting player in a game of Sneaky Cards!

You can find more information on their website and buy it quite cheaply on Amazon, but the gist is this: Sneaky Cards isn't a traditional game with scoring or winners and losers. It's simply a way to create little adventures and add spice and fun to your life.

Each card has instructions for how to use it. All of them involve giving the card away to a stranger who should then give it to another stranger, and so on and so forth.

Another fun component is that you're encouraged to logon and track where you found the card by entering a unique ID code printed on the card (I removed mine from the image to ward off spoilsports!).

It reminded me a lot of Where's George? which, incredibly, has been around for almost twenty years.

I love abstract games that require and encourage you to go out into the real world and do slightly absurd things with strangers. I also love that all of the messaging in the cards, so far as I've seen, seem to be about spreading positivity and joy — making it a perfect followup to the previous weekend's joyful activity.