A 2017 Resolution — Write More

Sunday, January 1st 2017

It's probably silly to feel too strongly about New Year's resolutions one way or the other, but there's nothing wrong with using the calendar shift as a time to set new goals. It's convenient and can be effective for some people.

In that spirit, I'm making a small resolution for 2017: write every day on this blog. I tried to do this back in 2014. It worked for a little while, though I missed dates here and there and ultimately gave up when summer it. Even when the writing I poor, the ideas incomplete, and the goal ultimately fallen short of, I found value in keeping the ritual.

I like the practice of writing daily and have done so in a journal for over a decade now. However, writing on this blog is different. You think about your words a little differently when they're public, and the format works better when you have a semi-complete idea to write about.

I also think it's important — a silly thing to say about a blog that nearly no-one reads. This site is a platform I more or less own (Even if you could make the argument nearly all of us are really renting) and can control in its entirety. It's a tool for expression, a platform for proclaiming ideas, postulating my thoughts and beliefs and explorations. One company can't completely silence it with a switch, and even if they somehow did, all the words and ideas I've built here over the years are easily transferrable. These things would live on.

This was the freebie — the obligatory "I am writing about how I will be writing" post to hopefully kickstart this endeavor. Looking forward to writing about something a little more fun tomorrow.