There was camel poop in the street

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There is an interview with me 52ltd's website right now about working remotely and traveling. 52ltd is a creative staffing agency here in Portland. The impetus for the article came about after conversations in working with them to get that nice Ken Burns effect working on their homepage.

A lot of remote workers talk about picking up and taking their job anywhere, but not all of them necessarily do, or to the extent I did in 2013. They thought that would be a fun topic to feature on their blog. I enjoyed the conversation and hope you like the write-up:

A Web Developer on Working Holiday

When I sat down and spoke with the author of that post I talked his ear off for hours. The amount of material we ended up with was overwhelming and probably way too much for a quick little blog post. The story ends about halfway through my travels that year in Turkey. Given the events transpiring there right now it feels like a poignant stopping point. I met lots of wonderful people there and they've been on my mind lately through all thes events.

It touches on a lot of topics I'd love to expand on regarding remote working and travel:

  • How do you end up scheduling your time?
  • How ubiquitous is the internet, really?
  • Did you really travel without a cell phone for a year?
  • How do you meet other developers in other countries?
  • What sort of tools came in handy?
  • Isn't it expensive?
  • How do you handle clerical things back home while away?

Hoping this can be the jumpstart I need to start writing about these things more in-depth. If you're interested in hearing about when I write on these topics, please consider subscribing to my mailing list.