Picnic Eve, 2427: My duo finally releases a proper recording

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My make-believe jazz duo Inky Shadows released a new album this past week online. Normally our musical offerings are more heavily influenced by gypsy jazz but for this recording I played mostly electric guitar. On a few tracks I even ran my guitar through my laptop using some custom effects patches and programming I'd throw together using MainStage 3 to create some eery, atmospheric effects.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with how it tuned out. It (I like to think) endearingly strange, like listening to a person with an interesting accent you can't quite place tell colorful stories over dinner.

It'll be available on iTunes, Google Music, Amazon, Rdio, Spotify and many other services fairly soon but you can listen to — and even purchase! — it below via CDBaby for the meantime.

It's also available on our BandCamp page if that's more your speed.

July 20th, Update: Now available on: