Using Fracture for Travel Photos

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I wrote this a couple months ago but am just getting to posting it now. Whoops! More writing on the horizon, about teaching, art projects and recent travels...

I have literally thousands of photos from 2013. There are a few favorites I've leaned on in sharing and using for things since then, but every so often I open the the folder and browsing randomly. Oftentimes I uncover new gems and memories that have sat dormant for a while.

My current apartment is an exercise in mildly absurd minimalism — at least that's the perception I get from the few guests I've had. A tiny bed, a place that folds up, an easel for painting and a place to keep a very modest number of clothes. The one exception is music stuff.

Most of the "things" I own at this point are in the kitchen. Foods and spices. I setup my computer on a shelf in there most days, standing next to the oven and with a little cutting board in front of me that usually smells a little like garlic form the night before.

So, after a lot of overthinking as to where physical photographs fit into all of that, I finally printing some favorite photos on Fracture just to see how they turned out.

2 from Japan

3 from Iceland

1 from Peru

1 from Zanzibar

I chose the smallest sizes as these were all iPhone photos. Theoretically I could make very large prints from these but in my previous experiences printing photos from my phone they don't usually turn out very well.

The colors seemed more saturated on my screen and I was a little disappointed in that regard. The detail on the dog/grass photo from Skagaströnd was lost in the print, which was also disappointing. In the full-size version of that the texture of the dog's fur and the grass she's walking on play together nicely but it didn't translate in real life.

None of this has anything to do with the printing process I think and more so the quality of the camera. Print is where you begin to see the limitations of your camera-in-your-pocket. This whole process sent me down a tangent reading about DSLRs and getting better photography results... And maybe someday I'll actually explore it. For now, check out this well-written guide for using a DSLR camera:

That's my Fracture review. In short, I'd try it again for a gift, or perhaps if I ever delve into the world of using a "real" camera.

If you're interested in trying Fracture please consider using this code to get $5 off your first purchase: RFR62473.