Little Reasons I Like Jekyll

• ~200 words • 0.7 minute read

One of the things I like about the Jekyll blog setup is that it's simplicity allows you to test and implement an idea pretty quickly. Case in point: I have new page since relaunching the site simply entitld "Enjoyment." I'm not 100% what I want to do with it but it's basically a single page with an ever-changing list of things I like.

I've updated it a couple times already and thought it would be neat to have a way to subscribe to changes that only occur on that page and not the sit as a whole. So I made a special feed that only publishes content for that page along with the date for when it was updated. You can subscribe to that feed — or setup a little notification via IFTTT] like I did — and now you should know any time that page changes.

Great example of a tiny idea I could throw together in a couple minutes because Jekyll's structure is so simple.