The Great Market Hall in Budapest

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It's not just great — it's the Buda-BEST!

2014-09-25 16.20.02 HDR

Today I visited the Great Market Hall  — a large, indoor market in Budapest that kind of looks and feels like a train station — with my aunties. It reminded so slightly of the Nairobi Central Market, though picking through  these photos I'm not entirely sure why my memory made that connection. Perhaps it is simply because they are both markets that are indoors.

For a little bit we commented about how it looks and feels a bit like a train station, wondering if it might've previously been one. Turns out it's always been a market but it was designed to that goods coming via road, trail and water (The Danube is right by) could more or less show up at the front door and be carted into market.

Tomorrow we're off on what feels like the "real adventure" which is driving through Serbia. Two jet-lagged days is not enough time to get to know Budapest at all; hopefully I'll return someday and can spend a little more time. For now though, based on what I've seen in the market, I'll have to assume that 90% of the rest of Hungary is field after field of paprika:

2014-09-25 22.10.38

Seriously. It's everywhere.