Building better websites 4 U with Prince

Wednesday, August 13th 2014

Sometimes I spend a lot of time picking at the details of a page I'm working on. This evening I'm winding down by working on a page that's supposed to feature a head-shot and bio for members of a team. I don't have the photos yet and the bios and members are likely to change. Whenever I need to fill a space with an image to be replaced later I usually rely on a service like PLACEHOLD.IT or occasionally the more whimsical Placekitten.

This evening however I'd decided to use the cover from Prince's eponymous 1979 album.


(I kinda love this album.)

I needed to test how much text we could fit in a certain amount of space as well. Normally I rely on the boring-old Lorem Ipsum snippets that designers the world-over turn to but I thought it would be more appropriate to take a couple paragraphs from Prince's Wikipedia page instead.

That left one problem to resolve: what should Prince's title be? The layout had a space for each member's title within the company. It seemed silly to make all the place-holding elements so Prince-centric only to leave the title as something pedestrian and boring like CEO or Accounting.

But I figured it out.


And when you click on team member...


It seemed fitting to me that someone who often plays every instrument on his albums would hold every position at his company.

I may have gotten a little carried away.

We'll see what the client says tomorrow!