Some definition of growing older

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I realize I said I wouldn't write today. But things crossed my mind and felt worth writing about.

Some definition of adulthood must be getting more and more comfortable in approaching and dealing with life and ever-increasing timespans. When I was a kid being granted an extra 15-30 minutes to play before bedtime seemed like an eternity. As an older kid, waiting an hour for a class to end was painful. Today I started thinking about plans and things as I'd like them to be nearly a year or more from now and I just nod.

It's a daunting thought — a year from now I will be different but I'm trying to fearlessly hang my hat on this idea, assured in knowing myself well enough that not enough will be different then to change this thing. I know some people are accustomed to this sort of feeling, generating 4-year, 5-year, 10-year plans and the like. But that's never been me. I know too much can change. Plan is heavy word; it's fooling yourself into thinking it's not just a trajectory or framework at best.

I'm starting to regard that a little differently. Maybe part of finding the proper trajectory is charting a course, knowing full-well you'll likely arrive somewhere else.

Back to not writing for a while.