Serbian trumpet festivals

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This evening I went to go see a movie called Brasslands at the Clinton Street Theater. Serbian culture interests me a bit more after visiting long-lost family there last year. When I saw a documentary playing about a Serbian trumpet festival in Guča I knew I had to see it!

If you didn't watch the trailer the film is a bout the Guča Trumpet Festival that takes places in Serbia every year. The filmmakers follow around three different trumpet groups: one that's pretty traditionally Serbian through and through, one that comes from the roma tradition and another group that's American.

It's fun to watch the story unfold but was even more fun for me as it made me recall my brief time in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The bombed-out buildings, the rolling hills and the rolling rakija took me back.

There's a bit of a "Serbian Weekend" happening at the Clinton Street Theater. Tomorrow they're showing a movie called Slaughter Nick for President.