Adventures in making hummus

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My new favorite snack to make thanks to my badass food processor. I'd provide measurements but... shit man, it's glorified bean-dip. Experiment to taste with:

  • Two or more cans of garbanzo beans, otherwise known as chickpeas. There are some schools of thought that suggest peeling the beans to produce a smoother hummus, but I like my hummus like I like my women, which would be... also with hummus. Hmm.
  • Tahini. This is kind of the ingredient that keeps it from really being nothing but bean dip. I like a healthy amount; gives your hummus an interesting, nutty flavor and thicker consistency. Again, how I like... damn, I've got to stop writing these things at midnight.
  • A healthy amount of olive oil. I find it's nice to put a bit in the food processor while you're blending it and then more after you've scooped it all out into a bowl, a little like a garnish. It looks nice and tastes great.

The previous ingredients pretty much make your hummus base. From here on out it's all of matter of how you wish to flavor it. With my hummus I went with:

  • Copious quantities of garlic. I pretty much only know how to prepare garlic in obscene quantities now thanks to this garlic-peeling trick. Seriously: I threw like 8 cloves in there. It might've borderline-ruined it for most people, but I really, really, really like garlic.
  • Chile peppers. Might sound like an odd mix at first, but it can give your hummus a spicy kick!

Serve with anything you'd want to dip hummus in: pita breads and vegetables and pretty great. I highly recommend trying it with Ak-Mak sesame crackers.