My half-baked Kickstarter idea

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A friend of mine keeps trying to get me to buy Soylent, for reasons I do not 100% understand. He seemed disappointed that I had not purchased any since the idea was broached a month ago.

Originally I was going to buy a single packet as a joke, but it doesn't seem you can do that. In fact, the minimum amount you can spend on a one-time Soylent purchase on their website is $85.

I will confess to occasionally budgeting more money than I should for silly side-projects, but $85 for some bland food-replacement does not make the cut.

So enter my half-baked Kickstarter idea: I raise $85 to buy the 7 bags and write a food review for each individual serving as though it were a unique meal. You could look forward to reviews of "Soylent — Thursday" and "Soylent — Monday, the 1st."

There it is. My half-baked idea.