Making custom wedding cufflinks

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My good friend is getting married. Knowing my penchant for artsy-craftsy projects he asked if I might make custom cufflinks for his groomsmen. I somewhat foolishly dropped what I was doing — you know, real work — and jumped on the task (The realization that this sort of problem-solving was so much more appealing to me at that moment got me thinking about some sort abrupt career-shift on my horizon, though I have no idea what that would be exactly.). After a lot of measuring, parts sourcing and out-right guessing, the major components of the wedding cufflinks arrived in the mail today.

2014-06-26 23.01.22


And this evening I spent a solid hour prepping the pieces, glueing things together and leaving the wooden bits to soak in an oil & beeswax mixture overnight so that the wood might look extra rich when the whole thing's finished.

The request for cufflinks was not entirely without precedent — I've made a few before with the left-over coins I had from my travels, last year. These were a little more fun and involved, featuring a monogrammed bamboo face with a walnut ring.

2014-06-26 23.02.10

The width of the walnut ring was as big as I wanted to make it and just barely worked out so that I could glue both segments to the largest cufflink pads I could find:

2014-06-26 23.02.38

There was something soothing and meditative about sitting around and assembling these things. I'd liken it to the same primal satisfaction one gets staring into a campfire, or stepping away from the fire to go gaze at a starry night sky. A simple, repetitive thing that lets my brain wander joyfully and revel in the beauty of something so basic as a collection of little, wooden circles.

I'll post some photos when they're finished. It's making me happy to make them — no doubt because I'm making them for some people I care about quite deeply — but I also think, hope and suspect they'll like them.

2014-06-26 23.02.50

In the meantime... If you're looking for some custom cufflinks like these for your wedding (or some such thing) please get in touch!