Clever problem solver for hire

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My favorite things to work on typically involve some kind of problem solving. By some definition I guess it's the nature of work to solve some problem, but I guess what I mean is I enjoy solving slightly outside-the-box problems, at least so far as my industry goes. Things I've worked on today include:

  • Getting a somewhat archaic, print-on-demand provider to communicate and play nicely with a more modern e-commerce solution.
  • Finding customers that have taken pictures of a client's jewelry on Instagram. Provide an easy way to showcase only those images that the client has commented on and explicitly approved in some fashion, but don't introduce another layer of management/sign-ins and other CMS bull-crap. (This one was fun; our solution was elegant and clever!)
  • Send an mail to someone when it's their birthday.
  • When a customer signs-up for a special club membership make sure that the customer information is automatically in-sync between three disparate services: a mailing-list management service, a credit card processing service and the club service itself.
  • Find a way to charge these customers inconsistent amounts, at irregular intervals through there and in bulk batches of several hundred without locking-up the kinda-cheap, shitty hosting plan we're on.
  • Use a video as a backdrop on the informational, makeshift site for a new film project. Okay, this one was actually quite straightforward... But it was kind of fun to make as I haven't worked with video much.

I'm not sure why but I find those sort of work more fun and interesting than simply redesigning existing sites or creating new WordPress themes and the like.

Do you have an interesting problem to solve? Contact me. Heck, it doesn't even necessarily need to be computer-related. I can solve your cufflink problems too.