Things I enjoyed this week (May 24th)

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  • I resuscitated an old project years in the making— Penny Thoughts — and posted it on my site. It's a collection of people's responses when I offered them a literal penny for what was on their mind. Probably the most interesting $32.52 I've spent!

  • Finally had a chance to see Marc Ribot live when he played at Mississippi Studios earlier this week with his group Ceramic Dog. He's on the list of avant-garde guitarists I got into later in life and I was happy to get the opportunity to knock him off the list. He doesn't come through Portland s often and the last time he did was right before my 2013 trip but he had to cancel!
  • Green tea.
  • The new X-Men: Days of Future Past movie. I can say it's definitely better than X-Men: Last Stand because Patrick Stewart doesn't get exploded into tiny bits... and probably other things. My childhood love of Star Trek The Next Generation makes me automatically averse to any film that kills off Patrick Stewart.
  • Friends, family, sunshine and all those good things I try to be thankful for every week.