Things I enjoyed this week (May 10th)

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I'm preemptively writing this before the week is actually over as I'll be out in the woods somewhere trying not to get eaten by a bear as part of a bachelor party. With that, my list:

1. Sunshine. We've had an uncommonly warm stretch of May this year and I am not complaining one bit. My body functions better in this kind of environment.

2. The train ride up from Portland to Seattle. It's a ride I haven't done in a while, as my preferred method of transportation lately has been the Bolt Bus because it's so cheap, but I do love a good train ride.

3. Presumably, camping. Unless I was eaten by bears. Then I'll have to take it off the list. Unless I do this.

4. First full week in new apartment. It coincided beautifully with the excellent weather, which I'm glad about. It's nice to have your initial impressions of a place bathed in sunlight and sweet spring air with the windows open. I've been slow to move things in and have left it quite barren so far, outside of the kitchen. Surprisingly... I'm kind of liking it! I don't know if it's traveling or the way this year has gone,  but I'm having a hard time looking at furniture as something much more than "something I'll need to move or get rid of someday" which is interesting and not 100% wrong... Time will tell on this. If nothing else it's an interesting exercise in a certain kind of minimalism.

5. There's a rooftop deck (I use put the term deck in air-quotes — it's essentially a large wooden pallet thrown on top of a roof you can access after climbing a staircase that is literally about 10-inches wide) , view and wifi! It's becoming part of my evening routine now to go up there, watch the sunsets or the stars and punch out these blog posts. Again — something I can thank the stretch of good weather for.