Things I enjoyed this week (April 26th)

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After last night's game I considered simply linking to that video ten times, but I found a way to make a slightly more well-rounded list.

1. Sunny weather came early this year to Portland. We had a couple days well into the 80s, complete with those warm-enough-to-wear-a-t-shirt nights that are exceedingly rare here.

2. Naturally, with such good weather comes ice cream, looking for excuses to commute around two by bike and more enjoyable runs as I prepared for my half-marathon tomorrow.

3. Finished two client projects — they turned out quite well! — and am moving forward this coming week looking forward to knocking down more. I bit off a bit more than I could chew in the first couple months of the year after I got back but am just about back on-top of things. In an odd way traveling and working last year forced me to keep a healthier balance, but I was less ambitious in the scope of projects I took on. This year I swung for the fences in some regard and am mildly regretting it.

4. Bikey projects! On Friday, a long-standing bicycle-powered project a friend and I have worked on came to life when we volunteered to be something like mobile docents-on-bikes for Vancouver's First-Friday Art Walk. Photos and a proper write-up are on the horizon, but this complimentary project to our long-standing Ads-on-Bikes pursuit was very successful and gave us a good game-plan for new bikey projects going forward.

5. Seriously though... that game was an awesome ending to the week and these 2014 NBA playoffs have just been superb all-around.