My favorite oatmeal recipe

An unsolicited plug for Bob's Red Mill products, located just south of Portland proper in Milwaukie, Oregon. Bob is a cool guy and makes some lovely products. In particular I'm fond of his oatmeal. Most mornings I use it to make the world's best oatmeal.

To make the world's best oatmeal you'll need:

Occasionally I'll mix it up with seasonal berries, figs, raisins, walnuts, or a splash of almond-coconut milk.

Generally I throw the spices in with the oats while they cook, and sometimes I'll throw in the almonds/walnuts in too just to soften them up. I also used to throw the bananas in for a while, but kept burning them and got tired of the mess. Weird as that may sound, cooking the banana with the rest of the oatmeal actually tastes pretty great and smells even better!

Serve it with wicked-strong, home-roasted coffee and I promise you the rest of your day will be downhill from there because it's just too awesome.

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