How to register an Icelandic domain outside of Iceland

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I love my vanity URL:

It was a birthday gift to myself last year. The problem now is I have to renew it every year. At least I know how I'll be treating myself for my birthday every year I guess?

Figuring out how to register it was tricky at first. Some TLDs only allow registration if you belong to a particular country or group. Originally I thought you had to be in Iceland to register a .is domain.

As it turns out… you don’t! The short answer to “How to register an Icelandic domain” is go here:

If you're not fluent in Icelandic you'll want to follow the little British flag link in the upper-left-hand corner for the English translation. You'll need to create an account first but then you can register domains ending in .is. Last I checked it was 39 euros (About $53).

Now you can register and or whatever floats your boat.

2016 Update

If you found this useful, please consider using my Hover affiliate link to register your domain:

You can’t register Icelandic TLDs through Hover, but you can find plenty of others.

If you want to learn more I suggest reading this guide about buying and registering domains.