Things I enjoyed this week (April 19th)

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Hard to believe another week has gone by. I feel like I'm still enjoying some of the things from last week! This list may not look tremendously different.

1. The NBA playoffs have started and the Portland Trailblazers have done really well through the first three games, last night's overtime loss notwithstanding.

2. Finally wrapping up some long-standing projects and making way for new ones on the horizon. Always a good feeling.

3. Continue to explore developing a new take on a word game with a good friend of mine. It's coming along nicely and looking like we might really have something here. I foresee a Kickstarter in our future, or at the very least a fun evening beta-testing with some Meetup group.

4. Tomorrow I'm attending a BBQ where they'll be roasting a whole pig. I get to double-dip on that one next week. Mm.

5. Speaking of this coming week there are a bunch of things to look forward to: more basketball games, meeting some new people, lunch with friends, good friends coming to town, a secret gig and a fun bicycle-powered project up in Vancouver, Washington that I'll write more about soon.