Afro-pop makes my heart sing

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I spent some time in Kenya last year. Besides the people I stayed with ((And one particularly crazy night at a night club in Eastleigh. I didn't really take many pictures in that part of town — or in Nairobi in general — but you can get a pretty good idea of what it's like if you flip through this Google Images search or this Flickr search.)) some of my favorite memories from my time then were the music I heard. There is something beautiful and upbeat and Afro-pop. To return to my favorite quote these days, I see truth there.

One song in particular that stuck with me for a variety of reasons was Money Lover by Satui Sol.

The guitar style is particularly appealing to me. I was first introduced to that  style it via Paul Simon's Graceland and just a. I've already written a little bit about African music, but I simply adore the Highlife guitar style. Always dancing off the beat, treating everything like some kind of 12/8 thing while the drummer puts four on the floor. ((My amazing drummer friend-turned-lawyer in New York would probably have more to say about it. He spent some time  in Botswana and toured with a local group for several weeks! Such an amazing story.))

It's also possible this songs sticks in my mind because the refrain was so catchy and easy for me to sing along with, being in English in all. And my host taught me the appropriate way to dance to it, which I think you'll see in the video; pretending like your flicking bills around.

Who knows why this is in my head this morning but it's an okay way to start the day!