Saturday rambling: Shamrock run tomorrow; my musical weekend continues.

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Tomorrow is the Shamrock run and the first real run of the year for me and one of my resolutions. I've been training but really have no sense of how I'll do. Much later in the day, and hopefully after a long nap, I'm going to the Blazer game against the Warriors. I was briefly employed by then doing somewhat interesting work. I should write about that sometime to the extent my NDA would allow.

That's really all I have to write about today. Last night's Hillstomp show was fantastic. Today I practiced for a good number of hours with Inky Shadows  ((We had this brilliant idea to write around twenty, short, two-minute songs. In theory we thought this would be a faster way to build our repertoire, but in practice it really takes about as much effort to write a solid two minute song as a solid, open-ended, highly-improvised 10-minute song we're finding.)) in preparation for a private dinner gig we're playing next weekend somewhere in St. John's. Tonight's Kalakendra event should be wonderful and after that I'm going to bed.

I'm exhausted. Thus ends this stream-of-consciousness transmission.