My year condensed into 11 minutes

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Last year I took over 12gb of photos through 18 different countries. I'm still processing it, literally and figuratively. Along the way I also recorded short video snippets here and there, a number of them by accident and many more without any clear reason in retrospect. I seemed to do so most often on long travels days waiting at bus stops, staring out the window and off into the horizon.

Somehow this 11 minute video captures the quietness, stillness and isolation of traveling alone for a year. But it's not lonely, per se. It's kind of meditative. Comforting. I'm not entirely sure why.

Watching the abrupt shifts in location is amusing. There are many memories, events and continents that are unceremoniously skipped over in favor of videos of... Moss on rocks? Sitting at a train station? Waiting for a bus? A ceiling fan?

I feel I should warn any potentially squeamish viewers that there is a fish market scene in Hong Kong towards the end which is kind of gnarly, if you're not expecting it.

That's literally all the video content I shot for 2013. I have a similar project on my plate using much more interesting audio recordings from last year. That'll have to come in another post.