Music I enjoy here in Portland, Oregon

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This weekend is filled to the brim with activities for me, including two shows I'm going to go see. Tonight it's Hillstomp at the Doug Fir Lounge — one of the best venues in Portland. They have a great sound system. The band is a raucous duo that plays what their website accurately calls "junkbox" blues. Loud, distorted slide guitar ((A personal passion of mine. I rediscovered my love of playing slide guitar in a band with my brother... Man, I need to bring that back!)) and percussion on an assortment of buckets, trash can-lids and other unintentional percussion instruments. They're playing two nights so if you happen to be reading this tonight and can't make it you should check it out tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, I have another show I'm attending in a completely unrelated genre. It's a Carnatic violin duo featuring mridangam (a percussion instrument) and a vocalist. My jazz/world/fusion love introduced me to Zakir Hussain many years ago by way of John McLaughlin and eventually that turned into a general love of Indian music.

The event is orchestrated by one of Portland's seemingly lesser-known gems: Kalakendra Society for the Performing Arts of India. They are an regularly bring world-class Indian music to town and play in small venues, typically churches. I'd say almost everything the bring to town is worth seeing and I try to see two or three of their events every year.

That's my weekend in music. Looking forward to it!