Belated birthday, the beginning of spring, my secret coffee place

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Today we're celebrating my brother's birthday, although the actual event occurred almost a week ago. He's a public school teacher, as are my parents, so they're all on spring break this week. Spring and summer breaks are a different beast when you grow up in a family of teachers. Even now I harbor mild resentment that I have to work when it's summer, but I've managed to create a healthy routine that lets me enjoy the sunshine.

I'm glad we rescheduled now — it's looking to be the most beautiful day of the year.

Yesterday I attended a barbecue with some old friends from high school. It's fun to catch up with people you haven't seen in a long time; fun to see how we've all grown and turned into interesting people. I imagine everyone feels this way but it seems I grew up surrounded by exceptionally ambitious, interesting and talented people.

Growing up is so awkward and strange and there's that hint of embarrassment I think we carry from that most of our lives, particularly when we're face to face with the people who were there to witness it first-hand. But when you manage to get past that... it's quite lovely. I'm pleased I went. I'm pleased I continue to say yes to things.

Just a quick, ephemeral blog post today, but substantial enough to keep my streak going. They can't all be about the history of classic pop songs or homes masquerading as museums in remote parts of Uruguay.

On exceptionally beautiful days like today I like to ride my bicycle down the Springwater Corridor and go to my secret coffee shop ((Obviously this is not a truly secret coffee shop as that would be no way to run a business. It is however far enough removed from my day to day Portland life that I feel like it's somewhere I can go to be away from things and become unfindable. Truthfully, with the minimal clues I've given here it's probably extremely findable. No matter.)). Maybe I'll write more from there when I arrive.