Topical Christmas Cookies; A Tradition

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I used this image the other day when talking about the depressing process of fixing a broken WordPress site:


In case it is not clear, that's intended to be gingerbread representations of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke; a sugary tribute to the twerkocalypse of 2013.

This has become something of a tradition in my extended family; making slightly topical, slightly inappropriate cookie representations of the preceding years events. It's a fun way to ring-in the new year and reflect on the events of the previous one.

Here are a few favorites from the past couple years:


This was to commemorate the legalization of marijuana, in some states. Also, it's sadly cut-off here, but the little gingerbread man in the tuxedo is holding hands with another little gingerbread man in a tuxedo to represent the recognition of same-sex marriage in Maine, Maryland and Washington (I believe).


The fiscal cliff, as it turns out, was much easier to comprehend in cookie form.