Autocorrection vs typos

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I used to have trouble with typos. Then autocorrect came along. Now I hashtag twilight probate.

Yesterday I texted someone to say I could probably "get is a gig" somewhere while my brother sent me a picture of freshly dyed hair, promising to call me "layer" and explain.

It's probable I only notice the autocorrect when it's scrambling my words, but sometimes I wonder if the problems it creates are worse than having my messages littered with typos. At least the mistake in those situations is more obvious. What's odd is my brain has a way of skipping over the corrected word, when it's an incorrect correction, just as easily as I might miss my own typo.

Maybe the correction or perceived mistake should hit me over the with some kind of notice that something's amiss? Human beings, in general, do not seem to respond well to subtle hints and largely prefer to be bashed over the head with direction, despite what we think.

Ham-handed potato gravestone!