Another startup falls with Editorially

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Editorially appears to have launched less than a year ago (my invite and sign-up came last July), but they're already shutting their doors as of last week. The cited reason appears to be they have "failed to attract enough users to be sustainable,"  which could mean a myriad of things. Later in the same post they assert that "Even if all our users paid up, it wouldn't be enough."

I'm hopeful they might open-source some of their startup metrics a la Everpix to shed a little light on how those statements might translate into actual numbers. I went ahead and asked them on Twitter.

This just reaffirms  my notion that the only endgame for most of these startups, despite any best intentions, is getting bought-out and becoming a feature. How depressing. I think IFTTT should probably be next on my list of services to worry about shutting down.

For all my bitching and moaning about WordPress, at least this is something I'll never have to worry about with that platform.