NotesDigital Ephemera • Updated Sunday, March 3rd 2024

This snippet of a blog post idea is from mid-2013. I was in Paris at the time, but spent most of that first week working and wrapping up projects as I recall. I stayed in an Airbnb that felt like borderline squatting. It's interesting to see how the details have changed but the broad strokes stayed the same... I still spend most of my time context switching. Part of my Digital Ephemera series.

Summary of a long day

In Paris.

I realize I just spent all day giving people advice... Yet have not directly made a dime from simply doing that. So many different kinds of things discussed.

In no particular order, a summary of the various things I spent the better part of my day consulting on:

  • advising on how to reactivate a long dormant membership site for a very niche racing sport
  • advising on how to better organize items in a shop
  • discussing calendars and registrations for a martial arts studio,
  • a shopping cart for apparel,
  • the best WordPress plugin for a young photographer,
  • how to track participants taking an online test for a research project

  • best solutions for selling coffee beans online,
  • updates on how we're going to handle arranging/rearranging content blocks on a website for podcasting,
  • managing my research project looking for web developers & companies in other countries.

No wonder my brain feels so fried at the end of the day sometimes. That is a lot of incongruous topics.