Mutual Support

Do you read my site regularly? Find something useful or interesting? Perhaps you're just feeling generally giving?

Here's a way we can scratch each other's backs. Below you'll find affiliate links to services I use, enjoy or recommend. When you visit the link and sign-up for something I usually receive some small compensation — typically in the form of credit, not actual money,

  • Patreon. A cool service for supporting content creators.
  • Amazon. It's reached the point where I'm genuinely surprised when Amazon doesn't carry something. If you use this link to buy something I get a very small fraction of the total purchase order.
  • Airbnb. I can't say enough good things about Airbnb. I literally lived off it for a year traveling (again literally) around the world.
  • Lyft. I've stopped using Uber (except on rare occasions when I'm traveling and it's the only option) because they're shitty people, so Lyft is my ride-sharing app of choice these days. Please use my coupon when signing up: GEORGE93989.
  • Linode. Probably the best bang-for-your-buck, pain-free Linux hosting out there. I receive a credit of $20 if you use this link and remain a customer for 90 days.
  • Digital Ocean. I use their VPS services primarily for personal projects and providing staging servers for clients. Work and play.
  • A better hosted email solution. Comparable to Google Apps but primarily focused on email.
  • Hover. Dead-simple domain registration. None of the horrendous up-sale garbage you'll find at GoDaddy.
  • Shopify. My go-to platform and solution for 90% of the e-commerce situations I come across. It's saved me from so many headaches over the years — really fantastic service.
  • OmniFocus. I've written more about this on my hidden tools page, but it's great for organizing what you need to do.