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Refferal & Affiliate Links

Below you'll find links to services I use, enjoy or recommend. When you visit the link and buy something I receive some small compensation, usually in the form of credit instead of actual money.

  • Vultr. Their service feels like a comfortable midway point between Linode and Digital Ocean. Dirt-cheap instances.
  • Linode. Probably the best bang-for-your-buck, pain-free Linux hosting out there. I receive a credit of $20 if you use this link and remain a customer for 90 days.
  • Digital Ocean. I use their VPS services primarily for personal projects and providing staging servers for clients. Work and play.
  • A better hosted email solution. Includes other services in their "suite" and is comparable to Google Apps Workspace (OMG Google, stick with a name!) but primarily focused on email.
  • Hover. Straight-forward domain registration. None of the horrendous up-sale garbage you'll find at GoDaddy.