Publishing to 11ty with iA Writer and Micropub

• ~300 words • 1 minute read

I wrote this blog post from iA Writer and published it directly to my 11ty-powered blog using the Micropub protocol and this nice tutorial from Robert Beekman showing me how to stitch this all together with Netlify Functions.

If everything went well, this should show up on my site.

I guess we'll see?

I'm excited to see if this works as smoothly as I hope. I like the minimal writing environment iA Writer brings and have wanted to bring my blog-writing process into it for a while now, in the hopes it might encourage me to write more.

Update: It worked! Neat. Some things to note:

  • The title is derived from the filename unless specified in the front-matter. I might want to change that behavior, but it's fine for now.
  • I think if I edit the same file locally and republish it to my blog it will update the old post... provided the slugified filename hasn't change? I guess I'll find out momentarily.
    • Meta update: I got some strange errors trying to publish an "updated" version of this post form iA Writer. I just copied the changes and manually update the repo. We'll see if this problem persists the next time I go to write.
  • More minute management of my blog (metadata, title, directory structure for my archives, etc) would still require diving deeper into the repo... but this isn't bad! One little barrier to entry down.
  • My desire to manage my blog this way versus, say, setup a Ghost blog or even return to WordPress kind of amuses me. If it was really about the writing, I think there's a strong argument for adopting a CMS like one of those. But... what can I say? I like projects.