A framework-agnostic explanation of web components

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Last month I spoke at JSFoo and really enjoyed my time there. Besides the overall experience and amazing people there were some very good talks as well! One of them was by Rahat Khanna from Apple on web components.

Web components are one of those modern development tools that are hard to talk about in a way that’s framework agnostic. Rahat’s talk manages to do just that — discuss web components in a way that’s completely separate from frameworks like React, Angular and Vue. I often prefer these kind of talks that hone in on core ideas, concepts and APIs rather than the abstractions we build up around them. Frameworks come and go, but the underlying ideas end up sticking around… hopefully!

His talk inspired me to try a framework-agnostic approach to a client project using web components. It seemed like a good idea and turned out to be great idea! If you’re just getting started with web components or need a little inspiration you should watch his talk: