Why I Like Folding Text

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Folding Text is one of the most fun pieces of software I've played with in a long time. It's a clever take on the text editor, which is not something that happens often.

It's a great app for taking notes, writing blog posts, outlining ideas, creating timers, managing to-do lists and more — and it keeps your data in plain-text. Being able to move my data freely like this is important to me, and so I'm often looking for software that allows me to store things in transferrable, non-proprietary formats like plain-text.

My biggest complaint is that it's a little bit of a RAM hog because everything's built on a web view, but it's not too bad. I mostly use it to manage notes, keep lists during phone calls, organize content and run a Pomodoro timer on occasion.

If you're a fan of TaskPaper then you should definitely give Folding Text a try! And if you use Atom you can install Folding Text for Atom to try out most of the functionality.