Managing Bookmarks with Pinboard and Jekyll

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I like finding interesting ways to leverage Jekyll. I'm also found of the bookmarking service Pinboard for its no-nonsense approach to providing a rock-solid service and financial sovereignty — two things seemingly in short supply with most web services and companies.

A couple months ago I released a RubyGem that combines them in an interesting way. It's aptly called jekyll-pinboard and you can find it listed on the official Jekyll site on their plugin page.

The gist of it is this: you can pull your Pinboard tags into your Jekyll templates and iterate through them just like posts or pages. It's great for handling general resource pages that might be a collection of external links, affiliate links, portfolio pages and more.

If you like using Pinboard and you like using Jekyll I think you'll like this plugin. The GitHub repository has better documentation and you can see it in action my demo page here.