$32.52 for your thoughts; updates on my penny project

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The other day I made all of the results from my penny thought project available on my site at george.mand.is/pennies. At the time there were around 1100 thoughts available to search a peruse, which is probably plenty but I was secretly miffed because I was certain I'd spent more than $11 over the years.

I went through the archives and discovered I was correct. You can now get a taste of what $32.52 might buy you in terms of what's on people's minds. Some of the more interesting ones go back to the 2008 election. You can compare people's thoughts on Obama versus McCain. I'm pleased to report there are now about $2.07 worth of thoughts on love, instead of the $0.10 or so that were there before.

If you checked it out before, give it another look.